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Subsidized Employment


Subsidized Employment will provide work subsidy funds to an employer to provide customized training and employment experience for participantsA Cooperative Agreement is developed between the employer and Career Futures, Inc.  In exchange for the subsidy, the prospective employee is hired in a full or part-time training/employment position; however there is not a commitment by the employer to retain the participant following the training and employment experience.


Participant Eligibility:

  • must be receiving TANF OR be “otherwise TANF eligible” at the time they enter the Subsidized Employment (a child in the home under the age of 18)
  • household must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (Table listed below)
  • participant must complete a Subsidized Employment application attesting to their eligibility
  • must not already possess the skills necessary to perform the job

 ** Existing employees in current employment are not eligible to participate in Subsidized Employment.


Time limitations:

Subsidized Employment is limited to 600 hours per participant.  Placements can be full or part-time employment/training (no less than 20 hours per week and no more than 40 hours per week).  Overtime is not an allowable expense.

Wage requirements:

Wages must be paid at the prevailing wage (same rate as trainees or employees who are in similar occupations and who have similar training, experience and skills within that worksite, whichever is higher) but not less than $8.75 per hour.

 2021 - 200% Federal Poverty Level:

Persons in 200% Annual Monthly Hourly
1  $25,760.00  $2,146.67  $12.38
2  $34,480.00  $2,873.33  $16.58
3  $43,920.00  $3,660.00  $21.12
4  $53,000.00  $4,416.67  $25.48
5  $62,080.00  $5,173.33  $29.85
6  $71,160.00  $5,930.00  $34.21
7  $80,240.00  $6,686.67  $38.58
8  $89,320.00  $7,443.33  $42.94

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