Pathways - Program for TANF Families

Designed for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cash grant recipients.

Client Advocates meet with each family once a week.

Pathways is administered in Butte-Silver Bow, Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Dillon, Philipsburg, and Whitehall. In addition, assistance is provided to Clients in the SSI process.

** All TANF recipients are eligible and are automatically referred to the Pathways Program by the Office of Public Assistance (OPS). 

Call 406-723-9101 for more information

WIOA and Displaced Homemaker

➪ The goal of the WIOA Adult Program is to provide for recruitment, counseling, referral, supportive services, training, job placement, and follow-up to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 eligible individuals in Montana. The major emphasis of all services is to assist those individuals who meet the eligibility criteria contained in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 in achieving economic self-sufficiency through entry into unsubsidized employment, education, pre-apprenticeship, and apprenticeship.

➪ Career Futures, Inc. WIOA staff and participants identified the skills and qualifications needed to ensure the WIOA participant completes the training successfully and the training services are directly linked to the employment opportunities in Silver Bow County or in another area in which individuals are receiving training and are willing to relocate. Career Futures, Inc. WIOA staff will assist the WIOA participant in applying for Federal Pell Grants, Student Loans and other grant assistance programs. Career Futures, Inc. utilizes the Eligible Provider List (ETPL) for in-state, out of state and on-line training provider programs.

Training Services may include, Occupational Skills Training (OST), to include non-traditional employment and private sector training programs;
➪ On the Job Training
➪ Apprenticeship - Programs that combine workplace training with related instruction;
➪Skill upgrading and retaining;
➪ Entrepreneurial training;
➪ Job Readiness training;
➪ Adult Education/Literacy Training; etc.
Call 406-723-9101 for more information or to set up an appointment

Subsidized Employment

Subsidized Employment will provide work subsidy funds to an employer to provide customized training and employment experience for participants. A Cooperative Agreement is developed between the employer and Career Futures, Inc. In exchange for the subsidy, the prospective employee is hired in a full or part-time training/employment position; however there is not a commitment by the employer to retain the participant following the training and employment experience. 

Participant Eligibility:
➪must be receiving TANF OR be "otherwise TANF eligible" at the time they enter the Subsidized Employment (a child in the home under the age of 18)

➪household must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

➪participant must complete a Subsidized Employment application attesting to their eligibility

➪must not already possess the skills necessary to perform the job

** Existing employees in current employment are not eligible to participate in Subsidized Employment.

Time Limitations:
➪Subsidized Employment is limited to 600 hours per participant. Placements can be full or part-time employment/training (no less than 20 hours per week and no more than 40 hours per week). Overtime is not an allowable expense.

Wage Requirements:
➪Wages must be paid at the prevailing wage (same rate as trainees or employees who are in similar occupations and who have similar training, experience and skills within that worksite, whichever is higher) but not less than $9.20 per hour.

Employers that have participated in this program:
Montana Tech*
College of Technology*
Cafe at Park and Main*
Conlin's Furniture
Steele's Furniture*
Butte Bus Depot*
Big Sky Senior Living
Butte Head Start*
Thomas's Family Clothing
Butte Family YMCA*
Toyota of Butte*
City of Butte Health Department
St. James Healthcare*
US Forest Service*
Safe Space*
All About the Dawg*
Broadway Cafe*
Synesis 7*
Venus Rising Coffee Shop*
Schalk's Posey Patch*
Anaconda Nursing Home
Pennies for Paws Thrift Store - Deer Lodge*
Family Outreach*
Action Inc.*
Beaverhead Animal Shelter - Dillon
Liberty Place - Whitehall*
SW Montana Community Health*
Butte Produce*
Butte 4 C's Resource and Referral*
Valor Studios 
Women's Resource Center, Dillon, MT*
Anaconda Chamber of Commerce
Powell County Chamber of Commerce

Education and Training

➪ Career Futures has received a grant to assist families to become Stable, Able to Work, and Financially Secure. This grant allows Career Futures to offer assistance to individuals attending college or other training in addition to providing assistance to purchase materials required by the class(es).

➪ Career Futures can assist in paying for short-term training. Cash incentives (up to $300) available to full-time students for successfully completing semesters, certificates, degrees (both Associates and Bachelors). Assistance is available to purchase books, supplies, etc.

Eligibility requirements are:
➪ They cannot NOT be receiving TANF and must be "otherwise TANF eligible" at the time they enter the Pathways Non-Cash Program (a child in the home under the age of 18)
➪ The household must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
➪ The participants must complete an application attesting to their eligibility

Training Services may include, Occupational Skills Training, to include:
  • Apprenticeship - Programs that combine workplace training with related instruction;
  • Skill upgrading and retraining;
  • Job Readiness Training;
  • Adult Education/Literacy Training; etc.
  • Commercial Driver's License Training (CDL)
  • Continuing Education at an accredited College or University
  • Short Term Certification Training (i.e. Phlebotomy, CNA, Lineman, etc.)

Career Futures Training Classes

Montana Career Information Systems (MCIS)
➪This four-day interactive class is focused on YOU; your skills, aptitudes, likes, and dislikes. It seeks to pinpoint career choices that you can excel in.
➪We examine expectations, ethics, and goal setting before spending a full day on the computers for the skills assessments.  Additionally, we discuss conflict management, assertiveness, and ownership.
➪The class wraps up with understanding stressors in our lives, learning about frustration factors, the FISH philosophy, and how to make gratitude work for you.

Job Readiness and Resumes 
➪The last number of years has seen a shift in how we interview for jobs, and how we apply for them. With the advent of the Automated Tracking Systems, getting a resume onto a hiring manager's desk can be challenging. 
➪This four-day class examines what it takes to get noticed and to get hired. By the end of the class you will have a modern resume, and know exactly how to customize it to land the job you want.​​​​​​​


Financial Literacy and Soft Skills 
➪ Budgets are a way of life since few of us have unlimited financial resources. This four-day interactive class provides insight into understanding why we have certain money mentalities, clarifies the difference between wants and needs and addresses common sense fixes for making you money stretch further. Through this course we create a 12-month budget, become familiar with spending leaks, and learn how to take back our fiscal control. 
➪ Additionally, we address adapting to chance and why it causes stress, learn better time management techniques, discuss problem solving with critical and creative thinking, and examine the concept of the law of attraction through positive attitudes and gratitude.​​​​​​​


Services for Employers

➪ Career Futures can provide staff development for employers. This can be presented as workshops in hourly increments either at the employers location or at Career Futures Training room.
All workshops are specialized according to the needs of the employer. Example of workshops offered include:
  • Professionalism in the workplace 👥💼
  • Communication Skills 🗣️ 💭
  • Conflict Management 💣🗨️
  • Teambuilding exercises 🤝🏼 💪🏽
  • Personalities in the workplace 🙂😐☹️
  • How to provide customer service - beyond service with a smile 😁👍🏼
  • Values in the workplace 👩🏽‍🏫🤗
  • Improving customer service  
  • Modeling behavior 😯 | 😯
  • Handling stress 🙇🏼🤷🏽‍♀️
Testimonials for Career Futures Training Class:

"This course really helped me mentally prepare for returning to the job market" -- Crystal R

"With my new resume customized to the employer, I was able to land the job I wanted in three-weeks. It was awesome!"
-- Richard M.

"WOW! I really needed this class!"
-- Felicia H.